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Thank you all for viewing Lucians Celebration Site it means everything to us for people to take time out to think about him. At his celebration day 30 people managed to raise £221 for the SANDS Chairty (Stillborn and Neonatal Death) This Charity is close to our hearts we were given a memory box from them at the hospital which contaned everything from clay moulds and inkless wipes so we were able to make castings and take prints of Luican's Hands & Feet, teddy's, tea lights and much more, because of this we will have memories for a life time. Not only that, the SANDS charity also fund and eqiup the the family room at shrewsbury hostipal so we were able to bathe Lucian in there and have our First & Last night together as a family which we will keep in our heart always. Too allow other parents this heartwalming opportunity please could I ask you to donate to SANDS via this website in honour on Lucian. Thank you Katyia & Shane

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