Katyia October 23rd, 2016

We miss you Lucian every single day, But when we listen close we know your not far away, There's so many things we just wish we could say, Like, what's your favourite colour? & what games do you like to play? You see It's all little things we would love to know, Like what your voice sounds like when you say hello, Your no longer our baby boy that we got to hold, Your a big boy now, having adventures & being bold, There is just one thing that we wish for most, To have you here for a few minutes so we can hold you close, Now . . . don't forget to make a wish when you blow your candles out, Then eat as much cake you can . . . that's what birthdays are really about. Love you little polar bear, Happy 4th Birthday Lucian Love Mommy, Daddy, Your hairy big brother Akillees, & your little brother Saxon