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Kayaking the River Severn for our beautiful Lucian in Heaven.

27/08/2016 Created by Katyia
Mommy & Daddy are Kayaking down the River Severn from Shrewsbury to Bridgnorth on 27 & 28 Aug It's going to take two days, 9 hours on the first day & 6hrs on the second, 34miles in total We're first time Kayakers & will be in Superman & Wonderwoman wetsuits, Lucians going to be laughing at us haha. As you know SANDS Charity is close to our hearts & each year we dedicate a weekend to fundraising to keep Lucian's memory alive. If you would like to sponsor us we'd be extremely grateful, Thank y

Final Day of our Challenge

We did it! Ironbridge to Bridgnorth with the Jackfield Rapids! We could barely lift our arms after the 24miles of yesterday, but we got down the Rapids which was scary but fantastic at the same time & we didn't fall in which helped ha, after the Rapids it was plain sailing well kayaking through the to Bridgnorth. We pulled up & passed out with a lot of onlookers which we waved at. The whole challenge was amazing, strenuous but amazing. We've both worked hard to get ready for this challenge & we've done it. I feel very emotional & proud to have succeeded. I hope we've made both our boys proud. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored & supported us, it means so much. X

Day One of our Challenge

Day one, 24 Miles from Shrewsbury Weir to Ironbridge, we completed it but it was extremely hard going especially at the end with terrenchal rain & thunderstorms. Seeing & Hearing Saxon (Lucians little brother) shouting Mom & Dad & seeing our family members at the end spurred us on those last moments. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored & supported us so far.

Mommy is Wonderwoman :)

Less than 4 weeks until our challenge & happy to say I fit into my Wonderwoman wetsuit & I can breathe . . . I still need to strengthen myself whilst loosing some more weight & need to tone up some more but I'm one step closer . . . It could even end up baggy on me you never know . . Watch this space hehe :)

Daddy is Superman :)

Less than 4 weeks left until the challenge & Shane is trialing out his wetsuit :)