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Mom & Dad take on the Via Ferrata Xtreme in Memory of Lucian Haydes Johnson

05/09/2015 Created by Mommy & Daddy
Were scaling a mountain there's edge exposure, vertical climbs, cliff edge ladders, Burma Bridge & Cargo Net crossing All that is Nine times higher than Blackpools The Big One, Seven times higher than Big Ben & your Secured to the Mountain by a cable Were also doing a Ghyll scramble after including traversing pools & jumping down waterfalls We'll be facing many personal fears & the physical demand of 6.5 hours it takes to complete Every penny we raise goes to SANDS Please help save a life!

We did it! Thank you so much for your support.

We completed it, It was one of the most scariest things we've ever done. Thank you so much for all your support & sponsors, please view the gallery for more pictures. Thank you x