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Lovers Leap In Memory of Son Lucian Haydes - Please sponsor us!

30/08/2014 Katyia & Shane - Lucian's Mommy & Daddy
We're doing something different from the norm that would challenge us & test our limits. We will be Canyoning in the Lake District. Firstly the 3hrs 30mins drive to get there, fine for most except I have severe travel anxiety when I drive, so will be a challenge itself! But main part involves scaling waterfalls, jumping off rocks higher than houses into deep pools, somersaulting into lagoons. We'll be facing many fear & challenges as well as the physical demand of 5hours it takes to complet

We raised £395.63, Thank you

We would like to thank you all for your sponsors and support we raised a brilliant amount for SANDS in memory of our beautiful Lucian. Ever penny helps and we can't thank you enough. In total we have raised £3,570.62 We hope to challenge ourselves next year and hope you'll be back to sponsor us again. Thank you Katyia & Shane

We completed our event - Scary but we did it.

It was one of the most amazing things we've ever done, so mentally, physically & emotionally draining. The water level was so high and powerful but we managed to do all the jumps and climb a waterfall. It took us from 11:30am until 15:00pm and Shane actually did it while he was so poorly with Shingles too. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Charity Event in the Shropshire Star

We were approached by the Shropshire Star about putting in our Fundraising event. Please view the below article.

Funded by Katyia & Shane - Every penny goes to SANDS Charity.

Myself & Shane have recently found out whilst searching for ideas to raise money that some charity events are actually funded by those charity's example - skydiving is £350 if a fundraiser raises £500, the charity will only receive £150 because they have to pay for the sky diving. We don't agree with that at all. We what to ensure everyone that every penny raised goes to the SANDS Charity. We booked All Terrain Adventures for this fundraising event & have paid the cost ourselves. We also booked The King George IV Inn & have paid the cost ourselves. We want every penny to go to SANDS to help others who are unfortunate enough to go through what we went through. Thank you. Katyia & Shane

The King George IV Inn - Booked

We have booked the above accommodation while we complete our fundraising event. These people are so amazing they have actually offered to help out fundraise by putting up posters and receive collections whilst spreading the word of what were doing. It's so touching that people we haven't met yet are so forthcoming to help us raise money for SANDS & keep Lucian's memory alive. We would like to thank them in advance and look forward to meeting them next month. With your help and with there help we hope to be able to meet our target. Thank you. Katyia & Shane