Katyia August 29th, 2014

Lucian, It's the night before your charity event and mommy's missing you more than ever. There isn't much I can do for you here on earth my beautiful polar bear except speak about you everyday which I promise I do, & try to keep your sleeping place looking nice as can be. So when Mommy does these events for you, It makes me feel like a proper mommy thats close to you, & I hope a mommy you'd be proud off. I was really scared about tomorrow, but now I'm here I think of you my son & everything you went through, your an inspiration Lucian, even now when your story is told, people hold you in there hearts. You give me strength to continue, to fight, to have courage and be brave. With you in my heart I feel I will never fail, & I hope I will never let you down. One day along long time from now, I'll embrace you as a man, and I hope in that moment you feel all the pride & love I've felt for you every single day. We'll have eternity x